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Tugboat Logic As a Single Source of Truth Boosts Tickit Health Productivity By 1500%.

Vancouver-based Tickit Health uses emotional intelligence to build trust and uncover problems so its clients can effectively respond to the needs of their people. Using real-time reporting and person-centric resources in a single digital platform, Tickit captures information that empowers organizations to effectively identify and support each individual. What makes Tickit unique is the software’s ability to recognize and overcome communication barriers related to literacy or cultural and socio-economic differences. Tickit’s Digitally Empathetic tools build trust with individuals, enabling them to disclose maximum information with greater honesty.



  • Managing compliance with limited time and personnel
  • Expanding a comprehensive security program to grow with the organization


  • A tool for day-to-day governance that saves time and effort
  • Single source of truth in a remote environment
  • An efficient tool to address dozens of security questionnaires


  • Reduced questionnaire response time and increased their productivity by 1500%
  • Continuous compliance that gives customers assurance and increases trust
  • Over 100 hours of audit prep saved


increase in productivity, with reduced questionnaire response time

“Before Tugboat Logic this was a very expensive process for us. It was a manual process of pulling the team together, distributing the questions to different parts of the business to ensure accuracy of response and then re-assembling the responses. But Tugboat Logic uses artificial intelligence to automatically review the questions and propose the best possible answers.”

– Eric Gombrich, CPSO at Tickit Health


Multiple Frameworks with Limited Resources

Partnered with more than 500 organizations across North America and Australia, Tickit serves healthcare, schools, social-service organizations and other employers. They comply with multiple leading security and privacy standards, including SOC 2 and HIPAA.

“As we grow, having policies is one thing, but communicating them and capturing evidence from the team’s day-to-day activities becomes an exponentially complex challenge,” explains Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Tickit Health.

Compliance is central to their ethos, but it’s also massively time-consuming—especially for a small team juggling multiple standards and regulations across multiple countries and industries, such as healthcare and education. The team found they were investing a disproportionate amount of time on assuring compliance with specific regulations rather than its core mandate of helping clients identify issues related to drug use, sexuality, poverty etc. The team already had some frameworks and policies in place so Tickit Health was looking for a solution that could utilize what they had and could grow with them.

“We were looking for ongoing management after we implemented our privacy and security frameworks because that’s where the real work begins.”

– Eric Gombrich, CPSO at Tickit Health


Managing New Risk for an Evolving Workspace

Looking online at the various tools available to manage Tickit Health’s established privacy and security program led the team to Tugboat Logic.

Tugboat Logic gives us the ability to infuse the day-to-day governance and management of our frameworks operationally. For example, making sure every team member knows our policies and controls and capturing that as evidence. In addition, it makes sure we’re following our controls as they are written and ensures all policies and procedures are routinely reviewed and updated. We need this as our business evolves,” shares Gombrich.

An excellent example of this was when Tickit Health pivoted to a work-from-home business model amidst the pandemic. The shift to remote work meant the team were not in one place and as easily able to discuss adherence to controls or capture evidence there-of. Tugboat Logic addresses this by helping them mitigate the risk of overlooking controls, and documenting they’ve followed them.

The ease with which it helped us identify those policies and controls allowed us to quickly implement updates and address the “new normal” for our business. Without Tugboat Logic, there would be a significant workload preparing for an audit and pulling together all of the evidence the auditor requires.

– Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Tickit Health


A Single Source of Truth to Save Time and Resources

Tickit Health also routinely receives several security questionnaires from their clients, who are also obligated to manage their vendors for security and compliance. These questionnaires can include up to 200 questions and they receive dozens every year.

“Before Tugboat Logic this was a very expensive process for us. It was a manual process of pulling the team together, distributing the questions to different parts of the business to ensure accuracy of response and then re-assembling the responses,” shares Gombrich. “But Tugboat Logic uses a form of artificial intelligence to automatically review the questions and propose the best possible answers. Using historical answers has reduced the time and energy needed to respond to these questionnaires without sacrificing accuracy.

The team at Tickit Health is even using Tugboat Logic software to respond to RFP’s, transcending just privacy and security questionnaires.

Digital Empathy Data Security


Time Saved, Productivity Increased, Trust Earned

Tugboat Logic Boosts Tickit Health Productivity by 1500%. Dr. Whitehouse noted, “The last questionnaire we responded to before using Tugboat was about 60 questions and took roughly 40 hours of the team’s time. We had to either type responses to all 60 prior responses to the same questions or track down then copy and paste the latest and greatest answers. Using Tugboat Logic, our most recent questionnaire from a client had approximately 80 questions. It took about 8 hours, including distributing new questions to team members and writing those answers.”

Having completed their initial SOC 2 Type 2 audit, Dr. Whitehouse also believes Tickit Health saved 100 hours over the four months of audit prep with Tugboat Logic, simply by having all their up-to-date policies, controls and evidence in the same place.

Every solution Tickit Health builds is based on the four pillars of empathy—trust, confidence, empowerment and engagement. Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance Platform gives Tickit Health their time back, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

As a team, we’re even more confident now that we’re doing a more robust job of adhering to our policies, procedures, and controls. Previously, everything was laborious and time-consuming, from tracking down the latest version of a policy or procedure to sharing it with the team. Tugboat Logic saves us one to two ours when we onboard new hires. Tugboat Logic provided us with a single source of truth for our security program.

– Eric Gombrich, CPSO at Tickit Health

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Tugboat Logic takes the misery and mystery out of passing security audits like SOC 2 and helps companies maintain their compliance, so they can stay secure and win more deals. From startups like Tickit Health to Fortune 500 companies like Schneider Electric, Tugboat Logic is here to help you on your compliance journey.

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Tickit Health houses the expertise to help organizations elevate their performance by harnessing the power of Digital Empathy. The flagship product, Tickit®, is an interactive proprietary digital surveying software that captures the unique needs of an individual and collects high-fidelity data for organizations to effectively manage their populations. Tickit Health has demonstrated the success of this tool in various industries, healthcare, market research, insurance and education across the US, Canada, and Australia.

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