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Discover Tickit’s library of evidence-based, validated, and custom screeners and assessments that collect high quality data that is useful on individual and population levels. Designed with Digital Empathy, Tickit’s inclusive, award-winning digital solutions get better engagement and yield better data to help organizations support their populations.



AUDIT screens for unhealthy alcohol use to help identify alcohol dependence and specific consequences of harmful drinking.

GAD 2-7

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 is a self-reported questionnaire for screening and severity measuring of generalized anxiety disorder.

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PHQ 2-9 (with/without Feedback)

PHQ-9 is a 9-question instrument given to patients in a primary care setting to screen for the presence and severity of depression.


PHQ-9A assesses anxiety, eating, mood, and substance use disorders among adolescent primary care patients.

Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale

The Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) is an evidence-supported questionnaire used for suicide assessment.

Check Yourself

Tickit Health offers the Check Yourself electronic tool, powered by the Tickit platform, to screen for youth behavioral health.

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