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Discover the ever-expanding library of Digital Empathy tools: evidence-based, validated & custom surveys, screeners, and assessments that use high-quality, person-reported data to analyze and improve both individual and population performance. Tickit’s inclusive, award-winning digital solutions support caring organizations in capturing data directly from people, and are set apart from typical solutions by removing communication barriers to capture highly accurate, sensitive, and specific data.

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AUDIT screens for unhealthy alcohol use, to help identify alcohol dependence and specific consequences of harmful drinking.


CES-DC is a self-report questionnaire for young people, asking them to rate how many depressive symptoms they have experienced in the last week.


CPSS is used to measure PTSD diagnosis and severity in the past month in children aged eight to 18.


The CRAFFT Screening Test is a short clinical assessment tool designed to screen for substance-related risks and problems in adolescents.


Cannabis Use Identification Test-Revised (CUDIT-R) is a brief cannabis misuse-screening tool.


(DASS-21) is a set of three self-report scales designed to measure the emotional states of depression, anxiety and stress.


DAST-10 screens for drug use, not including alcohol or tobacco use, in the past 12 months.

GAD 2-7

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 is a self-reported questionnaire for screening and severity measuring of generalized anxiety disorder.


GAIN-SS is used to identify people who would be flagged as having one or more behavioral health disorders.

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Illness Perception

The Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ) is a questionnaire for assessing cognitive representations of illness.

PHQ 2-9 (with/without Feedback)

PHQ-9 is a 9-question instrument given to patients in a primary care setting to screen for the presence and severity of depression.

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