Tickit® Youth

A digital tool that’s transforming the way teens communicate with school-based care providers.



Tickit® Youth is an interactive, evidence-based screening and resource tool that gives care providers, school administration, and counsellors the ability to measure, understand, and nurture each student's well-being early in their young adult life, resulting in greater well-being and improved long-term outcomes.



Acknowledging youths’ unique challenges

Adolescents face a unique set of academic and personal challenges, often without the appropriate resources and support to adequately express and work through those challenges.


Overcoming communication barriers

There can be some very real barriers that make improving youth-provider communication a difficult, and sometimes overwhelming challenge for even the best care providers, educators, and counsellors.



Overcoming communication barriers in schools



Here’s how Tickit Youth works

Tickit Youth makes it simple and comfortable for students to interact with question sets, while care providers get quick and easy access to simple analytics reports for each person from the Tickit Dashboard.


Everyone wins with Tickit Youth


Benefits for care providers

Access real-time, unique student reports at your fingertips through the Tickit Youth dashboard.

Receive robust, aggregate data on the well-being of your youth population.

Deliver and receive assessments quickly and easily through email and text messages.


Benefits for youth

Interact with an easy-to-understand digital tool that fosters self-awareness and well-being.

Inclusive design and strengths based content removes any bias of who gets screened and how question sets are organized and asked.

Unique icons, colours, interactive sliders, and personalized messaging helps students stay engaged to completion.


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