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Tickit to be used by Canadian Red Cross in its Emergency Management Information System (EMIS)

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News Release

Tickit® to be used by Canadian Red Cross in it’s Emergency Management Information System (EMIS)

Vancouver, BC – Tickit Health is pleased to announce the Canadian Red Cross has signed an agreement to embed its Tickit solution into their next-generation Emergency Management Information System (EMIS). The Tickit solution will be a key component of the EMIS beneficiary data collection process and accelerate the organization’s ability to support individuals amidst a disaster by enabling a more empathetic and complete collection of information on which they can act.

Based on what Tickit Health calls Digital Empathy, the data collection Tools in the Tickit system such as questionnaires, assessments, surveys, and educational guides – have a scientifically validated design construct that has proven to result in greater response rates from users, as well as improved data fidelity, resulting in significant organizational efficiencies when collecting and analyzing personally reported data.

Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, co-founder of Tickit Health recognizes the importance of applying empathy to people in times of need. “We are honoured to have the Canadian Red Cross recognize the advantages of applying a digitally empathetic approach to getting critical data from those they assist.”

At the heart of Tickit’s unique approach to capturing data is what Tickit Health calls Digital Empathy, embedding the core principles of empathy – compassion, cognition, and emotion – in designing technology to enhance user experience when collecting data from people.

Digitally Empathetic tools allows for greater trust with individuals, resulting in responses with greater honesty. “Organizations such as the Red Cross will be able to better identify and effectively support each individual, based on the information provided,” states Whitehouse.

Backed by dozens of validation studies, the Tickit approach is proven to support diverse population backgrounds (age, demographics, disease etc.), and it overcomes common language & cultural challenges often faced with diverse populations. Tickit is now used by schools, healthcare organizations, NGOs, and community-based organizations to screen populations and to connect individuals with the specific support they need.

About Tickit Health

Tickit Health was founded in 2012 after a number of years of ideation & testing by its co-founder, Dr. Sandy Whitehouse. After years of practicing medicine and running the emergency department at BC Children’s hospital she set-out on a quest to find a better way of capturing important and sensitive information from people than conventional interviewing and surveying techniques offered. After receiving her Masters degree in Communication from UBC, and partnering with Emily Carr School of Arts & Design, she found the solution; what has become Tickit, our flagship solution.

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