Ontario government gives transformative health projects $5 million

Under the new Advancing Health program, a partnership between the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, five healthcare-related information communication technology projects have received up to $350,000 (CAD) each, in addition to cash and in-kind support from industry partners and some of Ontario’s top hospitals. “Our government is committed to supporting healthcare-related technology innovation across the province to help provide Ontarians with the best and most efficient care possible,” says David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services. “The Advancing Health program will allow the public and private sectors to work together to build ground-breaking products and services. This program will help improve the healthcare procurement process, while also creating new jobs and will support the province’s economy.”

Our project: Tickit for improved patient engagement

Tickit is a patient-friendly software solution that has been designed to generate data that is of higher quality and a greater reflection of the individual’s perceptions of their care and/or their overall health. Tickit’s interactive interface and unique design are easy to use for patients at any literacy level, and with English as a second language (ESL).

In collaboration with SickKids, the Tickit platform will be used in four clinical areas: Cardiology, Emergency Department, Plastic Surgery, and Adolescent Medicine, where the platform will host a series of screening and intake assessment tools.

In addition, the platform will also be used to demonstrate its ability to better capture the patient experience in selected clinical program groups within SickKids hospital. This could have a significant impact on helping healthcare organizations and leaders better understand the patients they serve, including acting more quickly on areas of improvement through the platform’s ability to provide real-time feedback to those involved in the patient’s care journey.

Project Partners: The Hospital for Sick Children, Tickit Health Paradigms

A panel on the topic of innovation in the healthcare system will be held as part of OCE’s Discovery conference on April 27-28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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