Tickit helps doctors broach sensitive issues

Although administering psychosocial questionnaires to young patients is the gold standard of care, it’s not done as often as it should, according to Tickit Health founder, Sandy Whitehouse. Research shows that paediatric hospitals this psychosocial screening is done less than 50 percent of the time on in-patients. If you go through child documentation, we know that healthcare workers don’t always ask these questions. There is somewhat of a don’t ask, don’t tell problem in health provision around sensitive issues.

Tickit, flagship digital platform by TickitHealth is designed to help bridge the gap between patients, their health and their doctor. The uptake of Tickit has been steadily growing since it was launched about two years ago, says Whitehouse. “Our first customers were at Boston Children’s Hospital for teen pregnancy screening, and now it’s in use at about 25 medical centres for pediatric urology, gastroenterology, mental health and other areas.”

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