How Tickit Health is enhancing patient-reported data


Most healthcare providers use questionnaires and surveys to gather patient-reported data. Research shows that only 18% of healthcare providers were actually using the patient data they collected because of time constraints and difficulty in integrating it into their clinical workflow.

“It’s not easy to capture the patient’s voice, but it needs to happen for health systems to move toward more quality-centric care.” Daniel Penn, CEO and cofounder of Tickit Health tells Startup Health. Recognizing this problem, Tickit Health has developed Tickit, a mobile platform that uses images and interactivity to make it easy for patients of all kinds to share information with clinicians to amplify the voices of patients,

We found that 92% of patients felt more prepared for their visit after using Tickit, while 85% found it easy to understand. Doctors experienced a remarkable improvement in appointment efficiency.

Tickit mobile platform

“We believe that high quality PRD will enable healthcare organizations to make decisions that can reduce costs and improve quality of care,” said Penn. “Allowing them to hear the patient’s voice can make a big difference."

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