Forbes 30 under 30 Winner Daniel Penn shares his plans for 2016

Daniel Penn shares his plans for 2016 with Panamerican World upon receiving his title in Forbes' 30 Under 30. He shares his unique story on starting Tickit Health with his mother, Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, in 2013 after realizing that patients and families were suffering unnecessarily because healthcare organizations had inadequate communication methods that alienated diverse population. In his own words, Penn discusses the year ahead:

“This year we are looking to continue to grow upon our success in the US market and continue to enable healthcare professionals and organizations to optimize a new patient centric model of care. We are really excited about the projects we are working on with our clients and are looking to continue to help other organizations adopt a patient centric model of care.”

“Tickit Health provides a comprehensive, accessible, cost effective Patient Reported Data solution to effectively engage the diversity of patients that health care organizations are responsible for, from the beginning to conclusion of their patient journey. Tickit Health has developed a powerful and unique interactive platform to not only to engage all patients in a population regardless of age, language, or literacy, but to enable them to be actively involved in the care process so outcomes are improved and costs are lowered. With assessments, quality improvement surveys, and patient decision support tools, Tickit, makes patients feel comfortable and heard.

“Governments and Health Organizations in Canada, USA, Australia and Great Britain, through legislation and new patient engagement organizational bodies, have acknowledged that engaging patients as partners in care is no longer a nice to have, but critical to maintain standards, lower costs and improve efficiencies. Understanding the patient more fully through collecting Patient Reported Data, like collecting and documenting personal information directly from the patient rather than by interview and transcription, is a new approach to address this issue. While funding models are different in both systems, the main goals for organizations to improve outcomes, lower costs are the same.”

Penn was selected as top 30 out of 15,000 contenders by Forbes.

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