Bright BC innovators who are building a better world

Daniel Penn joins the ranks of young BC tech entrepreneurs who are using technology to bring worldwide solutions. This year's list of young innovators were selected out of 350 nominations who aim to make the world a better place. The majority of the companies started by these bright stars are giving back to the community and are bringing social purpose into their business. The 30 exceptional women and men in this year's cohort are a diverse group from a wide array of industries including healthcare, high tech, construction, social media and law. Together, these groundbreaking talents show that B.C.’s entrepreneurial future is bright.

Tickit Health's Daniel Penn is on a mission to improve health outcomes through patient reported data using Tickit, a low-literacy multilingual and design-focused tablet app used in clinics across Canada, the US and Australia. 

Other tech innovators include Vanessa Chase Lockshin, who helps non-profits to become better fundraisers and Louis-Victor Jadavji, co-founder of a company that could transform the footwear industry with its custom 3D-printed insoles and Christina Sumie Hirukawa, a rising star in the art advisory world with a long list of corporate clients.

Another trend: 10 of the 30 Under 30 are immigrants. Some came to B.C. to escape conflict overseas; others are U.S. expats. However they got here, we’re lucky to have them, and we hope they stick around.

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