The Bigiswun Kid Project



Tickit Health is collaborating and contributing to youth engagement and data collection for the *Bigiswun Kid Project, a long-anticipated follow-up study to the internationally-recognised population-based study, the **Lililwan Project in the remote Aboriginal community of Fitzroy Valley in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.  

Suicide rates in youth are at their highest rates in 10 years, with a recent spate of Aboriginal Youth suicides in the Kimberley region inciting an inquiry. The cross-sectional study in adolescents aged 15-17 is being conducted at Aboriginal leaders' request, in partnership with The University of Sydney, Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre and key local Aboriginal organisations with outcomes prioritised by the community.

Approximately 560,000 Australian children and adolescents experience a mental health disorder, with youth residing in non-metropolitan areas experiencing the poorest mental health. The objective of the project is to determine the mental health, health, educational and other outcomes of a cohort of adolescents who were involved in the Lililwan Project (2010-2013).

Using Tickit’s accessible, youth friendly tools, data will be collected directly from the study participants to identify adolescents in immediate need of treatment, support or further assessment and the service needs of this group, many of whom live in disadvantage and with chronic complex disorders.

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*Bigiswun Kid means ‘Big One Kid' or ‘Adolescent' in the Kimberley Kriol language. **Lililwan means ‘All the little ones' in the Kimberley Kriol language.