Participating in Vancouver’s ‘Ahead of the Curve’ conference for digital health innovation

Tickit Health is proud to be participating in the Ahead of the Curve conference on February 8. 2018 in Vancouver, BC.

This event will gather some of the leading thinkers and innovators in the Vancouver digital health space, including our CEO and co-founder, Daniel Penn, to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities to delivering, personalizing, accessing, and funding health services in Canada. With an aging population, new frontiers with emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, and trying to optimize the patient experience through improved communication tactics and tools, the Ahead of the Curve conference aims to build and strengthen connections within the Canadian digital health landscape, facilitate new conversations and develop new strategic, partnerships to drive innovation in this field.

Daniel Penn will be speaking as part of the third panel session, addressing Consumer-directed Health Management. This panel will explore the intersection between consumer-driven access, retail health, virtual care, and innovative extensions of traditional care models.

Other panel topics include:

Innovation Governance

How organizations view and understand the need for digital innovation and modernization to deliver on their mission and goals for all stakeholders involved, especially patients.  

Data: Moving from Volume to Value

The experiences of health leaders as they make shift from volume to value in health and evolving care delivery models, addressing the challenges of bringing together the data that is needed for clinical decisions with organizational assets to unlock real value.


Register to attend this groundbreaking event through the Ahead of the Curve website.

Nina Chen