Highlighting the importance of the patient voice at the 2017 TRANS Conference

In August 2017, Tickit Health had the privilege of participating in the TRANS Conference, an annual event hosted by H. Spectrum, the first incubator in Asia focusing on healthcare-related subject matter, leading conversations around healthcare technology ventures in Asia. TRANS conference is a premier gathering of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and thought-leaders in the healthcare space around the world. We were honoured that our CEO, Daniel Penn was invited to speak at this notable event, and to present the mission and vision behind the founding and growth of Tickit Health.

At the TRANS Conference, we highlighted how evidence-based technological solutions for collecting Patient Report Data (PRD) result in higher quality data than oral interviews and paper questionnaires across a variety of healthcare settings. It was this research, and the passion to help transform healthcare, that prompted the founding of Tickit Health, and the development of our digital tool, Tickit®.


Nina Chen