Winning First Place at the AARP Caregiver Quality of Life Challenge

At Tickit Health, our goal has always been to develop state-of-the-art tools that put patients first. As part of that, it’s important to recognize the critically important role that patients’ caregivers play in their health and well-being.  We’re proud that our Tickit® Care tool provides caregivers with the support, tools, and resources that they need to most effectively care for the patient, and are happy to announce that we won first place in the AARP Caregiver Quality of Life Challenge, supported by AARP, and administered by Catalyst @ Health 2.0 in partnership with Mad*Pow.

The Challenge, which launched at HxRefactored in June 2017, aimed to find tech-enabled solutions designed to help caregivers identify as caregivers, find available resources to ease their burden, and connect with others who can build and strengthen their support systems. After being judged by our panel of experts, and scored on innovation, potential for scalability, design strength, and the potential for impact in the caregiver community, Tickit Health was announced as the winner at Health 2.0’s 11th Annual Fall Conference.

Our presentation emphasized how too often, caregivers feel isolated, lonely, and burnt out, and how Tickit® Care’s AI can provide a breadth of personalized resources to caregivers at point-of-care or via email, without adding clinical time for physicians or other members of the healthcare team. Here’s the video that wowed the judges and helped us secure the first place spot, as well as a grand prize of $10,000.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, roughly one out of every three people in the United States serves as a caregiver for a chronically ill, disabled, or aging loved one at some point in their life*. Most caregivers dedicate significant amounts of time to caring for their patient, and also maintain full or part-time jobs to make ends meet. This leads 40-70% of caregivers to exhibit clinically significant signs of depression*. Fortunately, innovative tools such Tickit® tool are making strides towards improving the lives of tens of thousands of caregivers and their patients.


Nina Chen