Winning First Place at the AARP Caregiver Quality of Life Challenge

At Tickit Health, our goal has always been to develop state-of-the-art tools that put patients first. As part of that, it’s important to recognize the critically important role that patients’ caregivers play in their health and well-being.  We’re proud that our Tickit® Care tool provides caregivers with the support, tools, and resources that they need to most effectively care for the patient, and are happy to announce that we won first place in the AARP Caregiver Quality of Life Challenge, supported by AARP,and administered by Catalyst @ Health 2.0 in partnership with Mad*Pow.

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Nina Chen
Helping teens change their risk behaviours with Check Yourself

A new evidence based tool co-created with Seattle Children’s Research Institute, powered by Tickit.

Substance abuse, unprotected sexual activity and texting while driving are some of the main behaviours which lead to teenage death in the US, and are often preventable. While the majority of teens in the US have preventative medical appointments, screening their behaviour as well as intervention and follow up remains inconsistent. To tackle this, Seattle Children’s Research Institute partnered chose to use Tickit  to power Check Yourself, a mobile screening tool for youth risk behaviours.

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How Tickit Health is enhancing patient-reported data

In the shift to value-based care, an increasing number of providers are relying on patient-reported data (PRD) to gather feedback from patients. But with organizing, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of PRD difficult for clinicians, health systems are looking for a more efficient way to collect and manage this data.

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