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Tickit Health expands its support of children and youth with Respectful Ways SEL

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Respectful Ways                                                                                             

Collaboration will arm educators with an integrated tool to help with social and emotional learning (SEL)


May 19, 2021 – Vancouver, BC and Atlanta, Georgia – Tickit Health, a global provider of person reported data collection solutions based on Digital Empathy, is pleased to announce that it has established a partnership with Respectful Ways to provide a complete solution to schools and educators, focused on their Social and Emotional Learning needs.  Respectful Ways’ SEL programs bring trauma-informed curriculum to the home and classroom to address the needs of PreK-12 through a combination of online lessons and schoolroom aids and activities.  It is the only curriculum endorsed by the Attachment & Trauma Network, empowering trauma-informed families, schools and communities.  

The partnership will leverage Tickit Health’s Digital Empathy Design framework, an approach that supports equity, more effective communication, and relevant engagement. It takes into account the science and psychology of communication and applies principles of compassion, cognition, and emotion, and in this scenario, child development, to help students trust and engage with the processes and people who are there to support them. 

“The pandemic has isolated young people, often creating or exacerbating depression and anxiety, while at the same time making it more difficult for educators to reach and engage meaningfully with them,” said Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, CEO and CMO, Tickit Health.  “By partnering with Tickit Health, Respectful Ways now has an evidence-based, individual student-based SEL assessment tool to help educators understand the needs of their students, and to guide any subsequent support.”

“We chose Tickit Health’s SEL assessment approach not only because it’s based on the brilliant, unique concept of Digital Empathy, but because they have continually demonstrated that empathetic assessments out-perform conventional survey techniques, particularly in diverse populations such as schools,” said Pam McNall, Founder and CEO, Respectful Ways. “Tickit Health is a perfect fit to build on our trauma-informed SEL materials for students and our Professional Development [PD] training for staff. This 3-tiered integrated solution of Student Assessment, leading into targeted SEL curriculum, and culminating in Educator PD is truly a win/win/win.”

While the two companies have been collaborating for some time, this agreement further solidifies the partnership, streamlining their respective clients’ abilities to leverage both solutions.


About Respectful Ways

The Respectful Ways Social-Emotional Learning and Professional Development training program is a cutting-edge, online curriculum designed to instill core values and emotional intelligence to three different grade groups, PreK-2, 3-5, and 6-12. Our trauma-informed SEL programming is available for schools, after-school programs and camps throughout your community, and can be accessed at home by families. Respectful Ways works with a school’s Positive and Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system so students can gain hands-on learning of PBIS expectations. Our SEL PD workshops include subject-matter experts and authors for educators, administrators, and counselors to gain real-world advice and expertise. For more information on the company, visit, follow us on Twitter @Respectful Ways or LinkedIn