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Universal Screening one child at a time

Universal Screening, One Child at a Time

By Education, Health, Screening

1 in 5 youth aged 13 to 18 have or will develop a serious mental illness in their lifetime. School-based Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SB-SBIRT) is a methodology used in early prevention for students prior to the development of a substance use disorder, and it now considered a strategy for mental health screening and management.

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Digital Empathy Design

Digital Empathy by Design

By Digital Empathy, Education, Technology

Digital Empathy: an emotionally intelligent design language. Finally, organizations are paying attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the populations they serve. They are discovering that incorporating these principles has resulted in unexpected benefits – that they can “do well by doing good”. Furthermore, thought leaders are realizing it’s not…

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Digital Empathy What colour is your big bird

What colour is YOUR Big Bird?

By Assessments, Education

When someone mentions “Big Bird”, if you’re from North America you probably think about the big yellow bird from Sesame Street. This would demonstrate that you’ve grown up watching TV in North America, because the big bird that Americans and Canadians watch is yellow.

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