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Tickit Survey Doubles Response Rates and Contributes to Law Reform on End-of-Life Decisions using Digital Empathy design


Challenge Accessing Quality Data

Understanding what contributes to a person’s end-of-life decisions is a complex and sensitive topic; one a law reform advocacy group (LRAG) at an Ontario university reviewed with the intent of making recommendations for end-of-life law reform.

In order to make end-of-life law recommendations to the government, the LRAG needed effective data they could apply. The LRAG aimed to speak to a range of diverse stakeholders within the end-of-life care space within Ontario.

Previous attempts in this area to collect data using a generic survey tool had resulted in low response and participation rates and less than ideal completion rates, which detracted from the quality of the data overall. The LRAG therefore needed a more effective solution to capture robust, meaningful data.


A Digitally Empathetic Survey Assessment Tool Tailored to Diverse Populations

The law reform advocacy group partnered with Tickit Health to develop a survey assessment that was mobile, accessible from anywhere and eliminated barriers to access. The survey focused on six important end-of-life topics. Health care consent in the last stages of life, advance care planning and goals of care discussion, care transitions and planned deaths at home, withdrawing and withholding treatment, caregiver and family needs, medical assistance in dying.

Based on Tickit’s Digitally Empathetic approach, several decisions were made around the design of the tool, including:

  • Presenting the topic in 6 smaller sections to add clarity and purpose for respondents;
  • Adding a navigation pathway to allow respondents to only select issues relevant to their own situation (not requiring all six sections to be considered ‘completed’);
  • Giving each question its own screen to accommodate for the complex language choices associated with end-of-life decision making;
  • Providing comment boxes in each section to allow respondents to offer their own personal perspective on the questions, capturing extensive qualitative data on complex issues;
  • Replacing text with icons to lessen the cognitive load needed to respond and increase the speed in which respondents could complete the survey.

Tickit’s Digitally Empathetic platform saw an increase in completion rates, better population representation, a decrease in time for completion and improved satisfaction rates.


Tickit’s survey tool was administered in the same manner as the previous generic survey tool: online across a 30-day period.

Two hundred and twenty (220) completed responses were received, compared to 120 from the previous study.

Tickit’s Digitally Empathetic survey platform saw an increase in completion rates, better population representation, a decrease in time for completion and improved satisfaction rates. More specifically Tickit’s survey resulted in an:

  • 83% increase in the number of completed responses;
  • 590-pages of additional comments and feedback, enriching the data set, demonstrated high levels of engagement with the survey;
  • Improved population representation across three categories of respondents, healthcare practitioners, friends and family and general public;
  • 24% response rate from rural and small town populations, compared with approximately a 1% response rate with the generic survey.
Increase in completed responses
Additional data response
Response Rate


The higher response rates, greater representation and high level of engagement with diverse populations provided rich quantitative and qualitative data which directly informed law reform policy and decision making.

Tickit survey doubles response rates for clients: this partnership demonstrated the importance and impact of applying Digital Empathy when administering a survey tool as seen through the meaningful results collected.

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