Success Story

How Black Creek Community Health Centre increased survey responses by 300% while reducing administrative overhead

Black Creek Health Community Health Centre (BCCHC) Success with Tickit®:

  • 300% increase in the number of survey responses
  • 50% reduction in the administrative time spent on data entry
  • 49% of clients were able to always see their healthcare provider the same day or next day due to quality improvement activities post-Tickit use
  • 92% of respondents felt the questions in Tickit survey were easy to understand
  • 94% of respondents found Tickit app easy to use
  • 95% of respondents thought the information collected on Tickit is helpful to BCCHC
Black Creek Community Health Center Success Tickit Health

The Challenge

BCCHC’s need to better serve its diverse population

Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC) is a non-profit community-based clinic that provides health care services and programs geared to vulnerable populations in Toronto’s North West communities. Delivering care to 9,000 clients annually, BCCHC serves a diverse age demographic constituting 61% adult, 19% seniors, and 20% youth.

As part of its quality improvement initiatives, BCCHC is required to regularly conduct an annual Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Client Experience Survey and report the client experience data to the Ontario Ministry of Health. Prior to using Tickit, the team conducted a paper-based survey and struggled with getting complete and representative responses due to language barriers, varying literacy, and cultural appropriateness. Furthermore, the paper forms required manual data entry, consuming valuable staff time, producing greater chances of error in data reporting and delaying analysis. With a goal of increasing survey response rates and reducing duplicated data entry, the Black Creek quality improvement committee reached out to Tickit Health for help.


Increasing the reach of Quality Improvement survey to a wider population

Utilizing Tickit’s proprietary approach to applying Digital Empathy to survey & assessment design, the HQO client experience survey (with specific BCCHC questions) was configured onto Tickit’s user-friendly and multilingual digital platform. A smooth transition from paper-based to the tablet-based survey was also facilitated by a dedicated Tickit Health manager who carefully facilitated the implementation process, including workflow and process mapping, training the BCCHC staff, and ongoing monitoring for evolutionary revisions to the survey. In addition to consulting on the placement of tablets throughout the facility for maximum response rates, BCCHC staff were advised emailing and texting the survey to patients’ devices based on their preferences, as well as adding a link to the organization’s webpage.

With 92% of respondents feeling the questions were easy to understand and 94% finding Tickit easy to use, patients were more willing and motivated to complete the survey,  resulting in a staggering 300% increase in survey responses complemented with a 50% decrease in administrative time necessary to manage the process. This meant staff were more directly able to provide care to patients; shortening wait-times for appointments, and generally improving patient satisfaction.

“A staggering 300% increase in survey responses complemented with a 50% decrease in administrative time necessary to manage the process.”


Validating & Improving Quality at BCCHC

Tickit Health’s intervention helped the BCCHC team triple its response rates, reduce paper data entry and improve the quality of the person-reported data set. By producing higher-fidelity data, Tickit gave physicians & caregivers a more accurate understanding of their diverse population.

The quality management team at BCCHC have benefitted from using Tickit’s Population Management Module for aggregated population data and real-time reports for continuous quality improvement. Clinicians benefitted from alerts and indicators to streamline care and triage critical issues, reducing clinician burnout. Additionally, Tickit’s use greatly improved efficiency in the administrative work as BCCGC staff were now able to collect 3x the number of surveys while eliminating the need for any manual data entry. Using data captured by Tickit, BCCHC staff validated and demonstrated the success of its Advance Access intervention carried out as a Quality Improvement initiative: 49% of clients were able to see their healthcare provider the same day or next day and reduced the third next appointment by 27 days.

Access Case Study Infographics

““We’re really happy with the data we collect and have received so much positive feedback about Tickit from everyone that uses it from doctors to patients and caregivers. We’ve been able to implement a lot of positive change in the clinic too based on the results of the survey.””

– Black Creek Quality Improvement Committee Member

About Black Creek Community Health Centre

Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC) provides holistic care and program services to a diverse client population in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The social-determinants model of care delivery is integral to BCCHC’s commitment to informed development and service delivery.

About Tickit Health

Tickit Health houses the expertise to help organizations elevate their performance by harnessing the power of Digital Empathy. Our flagship product, Tickit is an interactive proprietary digital surveying software that captures the unique needs of an individual and collects high-fidelity data for organizations to effectively manage their populations. Tickit Health has demonstrated the success of this tool in various industries, healthcare, market research, insurance and education across the US, Canada, and Australia. Learn about our product and impact in other industries here.

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Black Creek Quality Improvement Committee: Erin Barnes, Hannah Bontogon, Melissa Galeano, Amika Gupta, Farha Khan, Daniel Monroy, Yolanda Mendoza, Judy Murray, Beryl Pilkington, Michelle Westin, Samentia Wilson, Erin Zindoga. Tickit Health: Dr. Sandy Whitehouse

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