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Improved screening and referral outcomes at BC Children’s Hospital with the use of a digital Adolescent Screening Questionnaire


At BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) the resident staff responsible for conducting the Adolescent Screening Questionnaire (ASQ) often didn’t complete inpatient psychosocial reviews, and the results were only documented 45% of the time because the process was labour-intensive and hindered their workflow.

The low rates of documentation made it difficult for hospital administration to understand time required for taking the assessment and standardize the referral process to other services.


To improve completion rates and documentation of inpatient psychosocial reviews, the team at BC Children’s Hospital utilized Tickit’s digital platform to conduct psychosocial screening

With the target population in the age demographic of 14-18, BC Children’s Hospital enlisted the team at Tickit Health to modify ASQ questions for mobile tablet platform, customize it to reach the target age demographic, and adapt it to the local Canadian language and culture. Questions on cyber-bullying, transition, and witnessing violence and homelessness, were added to capture the holistic physical and mental wellbeing of youth taking the assessment.

90% of youth felt the ASQ on Tickit was easy to complete.


  • 90% of youth felt the ASQ on Tickit was easy to complete
  • 95% felt questions were easy to understand
  • Average time to complete the ASQ on Tickit was 10 minutes
  • 50% of youth who were referred to psychology and psychiatry were referred based on the risk reports from Tickit.
  • Risk screening reports from Tickit brought forward unexpected positives on cyberbullying and witnessing violence.


The transition from a paper-based psychosocial screening tool to the digital adolescent screening questionnaire on Tickit was well received by youth and staff clinicians at BCCH.

Tickit enabled clinicians to collect sensitive information in a short period of time and consult on problems previously not given enough attention, such as cyberbullying. It was also found that the Tickit ASQ assessment proved to be most valuable in settings where the patient was unknown to the provider.

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Terry Viczko from British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada and Natalie Bunimov from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


  • Pei Yoong Lam, Mariana Deevska, Janet Bartnik, Dana Warn, Anna Gravelle, from British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada,
  • Robert Issenman from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

About BC Children’s Hospital

BC Children’s Hospital is an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority, working towards improving the health of patients and families. BC Children’s Hospital is a leader in general and specialized paediatric services and is the province’s foremost teaching and research facility for child health.

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About Tickit Health

Tickit Health houses the expertise to help organizations elevate their performance by harnessing the power of Digital Empathy. The flagship product, Tickit®, is an interactive proprietary digital surveying software that captures the unique needs of an individual and collects high-fidelity data for organizations to effectively manage their populations. Tickit Health has demonstrated the success of this tool in various industries, healthcare, market research, insurance and education across the US, Canada, and Australia.

About Adolescent Screening Questionnaire: Psychosocial evaluation is the recommended standard of care in addressing risky behaviors in youth behaviors. One way to conduct this evaluation is through the Adolescent Screening Questionnaire (ASQ), a paper-based set of questions used to screen adolescents exposed to a health risk environment. This screening tool helps the identification of adolescents exposed to high-risk environments and use of necessary early intervention to prevent morbidity and mortality in adolescents, helping providers to provide preventative and promotional health for youth. Learn more about ASQ here.

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