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Bayshore increased effectiveness of Nurse Case Management with Tickit


Conventional surveying approach lacked personalized health coaching and resulted in significant staff inefficiencies.

Bayshore Specialty Rx, a division within Bayshore HealthCare, offers state-of-the-art pharmacies and a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of intravenous (IV) and injectable drugs and equipment, coupled with case management and health coaching by clinical nurses. A core element of ensuring the success of Bayshore’s drug delivery program is collecting information from patients with a baseline health assessment questionnaire to assess the “before” and “after” change in patient’s health score and satisfaction.

Before using Tickit, Bayshore nursing staff conducted the Baseline Health Assessment surveys over the phone which resulted in both time taken away from higher-value health coaching activities and reduced ability to proactively identify health and wellness issues concerns of patients ahead of the coaching call. Additionally, the required post-coaching surveys were inconsistently completed by the patients and nurses as they were a low priority, hence making it difficult to know if the Nurse Case Management Service improves health outcomes. This incomplete data set and ineffective manner of collecting information via phone surveys were manually collated and analyzed in Excel to identify trends, adding further challenges and workflow delays.

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With Tickit, Bayshore sees the ability to more accurately and efficiently identify at-risk individuals, predict their needs, and deliver better care.


Tickit, a Digitally Empathetic survey tool that effectively assesses patient health scores

The team at Tickit Health worked with the Bayshore team to apply the principles of Digital Empathy to the assessments’ designs, resulting in a more dynamic and personalized experience for patients. Using Tickit, an automated workflow was built: patients received a link to the Health Assessment survey in an email allowing them to complete the survey at their own convenience, nurses reviewed the survey results prior to their first call and tailored their health coaching to issues most relevant to the patient. By collecting the information beforehand and receiving patient-specific analytical reports in real-time with Tickit, nurses are more informed and prepared about patient needs and provide a better experience for the patient, increasing both the efficiency of the call and the patient experience.

The Bayshore team also enjoyed an increased response rate which supports patient driven care and nurse time management as follow up calls were set to correspond with patient completion of subsequent surveys. The improved health outcomes and scores enabled the Director to better demonstrate the value and impact of Bayshore’s Nurse Case Management services. Using the Tickit dashboard, the management team at Bayshore can efficiently and effectively visualize the results from patient satisfaction surveys, hence, making it easier for staff to review and improve the patient experience.


Increase in patient response rates

“With Tickit, I feel a higher connection with patients over their care journey. People are more engaged, our health coaching consultation services have seen greater use, and the cancellation rate for follow-up appointments has decreased.”

– Program Manager


300% increase in response rates, more efficient interactions with patients, decreased missed or cancelled appointments, and a better understanding of Nurse Case Management Services’ success

Bayshore increased effectiveness of nurse case management with Tickit. After implementing Tickit, Bayshore Specialty Rx saw an improvement in the efficiency of collecting information from patients as well as in the quality of the data with a 300% increase in assessment completion rates compared to the previous digital survey tool. Empathetic question phrasing, intuitive survey formatting, and dynamic responses to cultural nuances in real-time decreased barriers to honest communication, making patients feel more comfortable sharing both personal health information and feedback on their experience with Bayshore’s services.

As one nurse commented, “almost all the assessments are completed now, and I feel a higher connection with patients over their care journey. With Tickit, people are more engaged, our health coaching consultation services have seen greater use, and the cancellation rate for follow-up appointments has decreased”. With more efficient data collection and reduced time spent collecting and processing the information, Bayshore staff removed workflow inefficiencies and redundancies by implementing Tickit.

In addition to better patient interactions, the higher-fidelity data collected with Tickit means Bayshore Specialty Rx is better informed about program efficacy. Not only can Bayshore more directly and objectively measure the effectiveness and impact of their services, but the senior leadership team reported that, “Tickit is a contributing factor to improved patient retention rates, which means better outcomes and better patient experiences. Collecting patient feedback is a company-wide initiative and anything we can do to increase patient engagement is of interest to us”.

“We wanted to improve patient experiences, increase the likelihood of patients entering data, collect more data more regularly, and measure the effectiveness of our programs.”

– Vincent Ng, Director, Data & Innovation at Bayshore Specialty Rx

What’s next

Making patients feel safe and predicting their needs with Tickit

Bayshore is highly focused on the patient experience and achieving better outcomes, both for individuals and entire populations.

With the information collected using Tickit, Bayshore envisions pairing this with other patient information initiatives to further customize services and improve care delivery. The data captured by using Tickit along with information from Bayshore’s vast database, will allow the team to identify patients most at-risk in the population before an adverse event occurs. When organizations screen for social determinants of health, barriers to effective care such as medication non-adherence or transportation limitations are identified and addressed to assure a better outcome. With Tickit, Bayshore sees the ability to more accurately and efficiently identify at-risk individuals, predict their needs, and deliver better care.

About Bayshore

Bayshore HealthCare, a client of Tickit Health since 2018, is one of Canada’s largest national providers of community healthcare services. Its four divisions, Bayshore Home Health, Bayshore Home Care Solutions, Bayshore Therapy & Rehab and Bayshore Specialty Rx have the capacity to consistently deliver a wide range of offerings to customers from coast to coast. The goal for all business lines is to be the trusted brand and advisor in healthcare for families and payers seeking health services outside the hospital.

Bayshore’s enterprise-wide initiatives to add capability include improvements in the areas of digital health and data and service design innovation. Improvements in digital health and service include the exploration of technology tools to improve the client and employee experience and add new value for government funders. In 2017, Bayshore started a new era in patient care, with the launch of virtual visits with a specialist physician.

Their network has expanded across Canada to include over 12,000 employees, 100 offices, 70 clinics and 13 pharmacies – delivering services in local communities.

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