Tickit® for Non-Profit Organizations

Understand Your Community and Know Your Impact

Generic data collection platforms fail to capture critical information from populations who are at risk and may be reluctant to share their personal information, making it difficult for organizations to address the needs of those they serve.

Designed with Digital Empathy™, Tickit Health’s intake screeners provide a friendly front door to your organization. They lift communication barriers caused by language, cultural and literacy differences to meet the needs your diverse population you serve and leverage accurate data for program development.

Solutions for Non-Profits - Tickit Health

Purpose Built

Supporting Professionals To Do
The Work They Love

For over a decade, Tickit™ has been used by clinicians, counselors, social workers, administrators and more to understand the people they work with and impact lives. Tickit™ make change possible with:

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Actionable Guidance 
for Providers
Tickit® Resource Navigation

Detect Clients’ Unique Needs and Connect Them with the Right Resources

Tickit Health’s unique screeners provide your clients with real-time feedback and referral to resources. With secure, self-serve screeners and intake tools you can provide upstream services to your clients while lightening your workload.

  • Trauma-Informed, Evidence Based & Culturally Relevant
  • Flagging, Safety Alerts & Auto-Triaging
  • Directive Care for Providers

Enhance Your Workflow with Integrated Patient Management

Integrate Tickit’s easy to use patient management system to optimize your workflow with:

  • Flagging
  • Safety Alerts
  • Auto-Triaging
  • Actionable next steps for providers
Tickit Integrates into Software Systems
Screenshots of easy to use analytics

Build Services with Future Focused Analytics

Support program evaluation and grant application with Tickit powered analytics.

  • Multi Data-Export Options
  • Drill Down Capabilities
  • Advanced Filtering

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