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Tickit captures high-quality person-reported data in real-time to impact organizational performance.

The use of surveys and screeners can be powerful tools for collecting meaningful information from people who rely upon community & social service organizations, or the grace of not-for-profits. Even so, existing methods fail to capture critical data from those groups of people most often at-risk who may be reticent to share their vulnerabilities. This means organizations suffer from poor quality person-reported data when they attempt to assess the needs of individuals they serve.

Solutions for Non-Profits - Tickit Health

The oversimplification of survey design impedes response rates and data quality, leading to uninformed decision making and inefficient resource allocation.

Proprietary design approach

Tickit addresses these challenges with a proprietary design approach that leverages digital empathy to collect high-quality data and that enables organizations to act on the information in real-time to better serve populations.

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