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Elevate your community service by capturing the unique needs of vulnerable individuals in your population using Tickit.

Generic data collection platforms used by community service organizations fail to capture critical data from populations who are at risk and may be reluctant to share their personal information, making it difficult for organizations to assess the needs of those they serve. Tickit’s surveys, screeners, and assessments are powerful tools for collecting meaningful data from people who rely on community, government, or not-for-profit organizations. Built on the principles of Digital Empathy, Tickit is a perfect digital surveying solution for community service organizations that cater to the diverse populations with respect to language, culture, literacy, and education. 

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Population well-being, one person at a time.

The oversimplification of survey design impedes response rates and data quality, leading to uninformed decision making and inefficient resource allocation among community service organizations. Tickit enables richer and more accurate information to be collected and requires less staff time, improving efficiencies and outcomes.

Tickit tools take an interactive, cutting-edge approach to person-reported data collection and can be completed on any desktop or mobile device, enabling more efficient workflow for community service organizations. Tickit’s Population Management Module streamlines the analysis and reporting of person-reported data. Using real-time reporting with customizable flagging and alerts, Tickit assures critical information isn’t missed and allows your staff to focus on key issues. The platform seamlessly integrates into a variety of CRM, healthcare, and education systems, and meets privacy and security standards for person-reported data collection and storage.

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