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Healthcare organizations depend on accurate patient-reported data to better serve their patient populations. However generic data collection methods use a one-size-fits-all approach which fails to account for challenges patients face with literacy, language, stigma, and trust when sharing health information, resulting in low uptake of surveys and poor quality of data collected. Tickit Health provides healthcare organizations with more inclusive and accessible surveys built on the principles of Digital Empathy™ to capture patient reported data and provide equitable care for better population health outcomes.

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Population well-being, one patient at a time.

Tickit enables richer and more accurate patient reported data to be collected while reducing administrative time, thereby improving organizational efficiencies and patient health outcomes.

Tickit tools take an interactive, cutting-edge approach to patient-reported data collection and can be administered to patients on any desktop or mobile device, enabling more efficient workflow for your clinical team and administrative staff. With a suite of evidence-based and validated data collection tools, Tickit specializes in collecting information on mental health, social determinants of health, youth health, patient satisfaction & experience, and more. Tickit’s Population Management Module streamlines the analysis and reporting of patient-reported data. Using real-time reporting with customizable flagging and alerts, Tickit assures critical information does not get missed and allows your staff to focus on key patient issues. The platform seamlessly integrates into a variety of healthcare and CRM systems, and meets privacy and security standards for patient data collection and storage.

Streamline care experience and understand patient needs with Tickit

Tickit specializes in capturing patient-reported data by administering mental health, social determinants of health, youth health, and patient satisfaction surveys. Learn more about how healthcare organizations, including small clinics and enterprises, have elevated the quality of care by capturing patient voice and making data driven decision making in our client success stories.

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