Tickit® for Healthcare

Improve care delivery and increase workflow efficiency with patient-reported data.

Tickit provides healthcare organizations with more inclusive and accessible surveys to collect data about patient experience, satisfaction, and more. With a suite of validated and evidence-based tools, Tickit captures more data and better data to help organizations provide equitable care for better population health outcomes.

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Tickit Solutions Healthcare

Population well-being,
one patient at a time.

Tickit collects richer and more accurate patient-reported data while reducing administrative time, improving patient health outcomes and organizational efficiency. Tickit creates a safe and non-judgemental place for patients to share information related to health, stress, anxiety, and depression. With Tickit’s dashboard, staff can monitor patient responses in real time.

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Is your organization applying for SAMHSA funding? Tickit Health offers validated, evidence based, and custom screeners and assessments for you to use as part of your SAMHSA funded projects. We can assist with solutions and budgeting estimates for screening tools as it relates to SAMHSA grant applications and projects.


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