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Youth-focused screening tools identify at-risk behaviour by providing a safe place to share information.

Tickit is a youth-friendly digital platform that goes beyond simple text-based surveys and makes students and other respondents feel heard. As a result, youth share more personal information, providing a richer set of data to the organizations serving them.

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Tickit Health works with educational, clinical, and youth service experts around the world to address the rise of stress, bullying, substance use, and other risky behaviours in youth.

Are you wanting to address the overall well being of your Students and Staff? The Social & Emotional (SEL) needs of youth? Or the rise of stress, anxiety, or even suicide risks amongst them? What about social determinants of health related matters such as food or shelter insecurities, bullying, substance use, and other risky behaviours?

Tickit is used in many schools and educational institutions for screening & assessment.

Seattle Children’s Research Institute

A Partnership with Seattle Children’s Research Institute led to the development of a digital screening tool used to identify at-risk behaviour in middle and high-school students. A critical part of the nation-wide SBIRT program, Check Yourself is currently used in hundreds of schools and clinics across Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington State.

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