More than just a survey platform

Better engagement.
Better data.

Tickit’s Digital Empathy uses a personalized approach to collecting information to capture highly accurate and specific person-reported data, especially from vulnerable, diverse, and hard-to-reach populations.

More than just a digital survey platform - Tickit Health
Innovative survey design using Digital Empathy

Collecting Data

Respondents feel confident and empowered to share their information.

Digital Empathy removes communication barriers, resulting in higher fidelity data. Tickit’s analytics streamline individual and population-wide reporting, supporting organizations in managing their populations.

Reviewing Data

Individual Reports and Population Analytics with multiple integration and export options.

Integrating into existing systems or standing alone, Tickit’s privacy-enabled dashboard securely captures high fidelity, actionable data with robust, automated analytics and reports.

Tickit Integrations
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Tickit PMM

Tickit gives us evidence we are making a difference and that bolsters our team in terms of morale and being energetic about work.

- Vincent Ng, Director, Data & Innovation Director, Manulife Specialty Drug Care Program

Digital Empathy encourages youth to be more honest, allowing professionals to identify those in greatest need.

- Dr. Jennifer Salerno, Possibilities for Change

Tickit invites curiosity and arms us with high-fidelity data well before we sit down with youth for brief interventions.

- Evan Elkin, Executive Director, Reclaiming Futures

Reach your population through Digital Empathy

One Platform with Multiple Solutions

Digital Empathy, Security & Privacy

The Tickit® Technology

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Tickit’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2, Type 2 standards for security, privacy, and confidentiality.

Data Collection & Privacy

Tickit complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA, +PHIPA +CFR – 21 Part 11 validation. The platform meets privacy compliance standards in all client regions.

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Global Successful data collection

Clients and Partnerships Worldwide

At Tickit Health, we’re proud to support our clients & partners and the diverse populations they serve. No matter what their unique needs, we work closely with them all to assure successful data collection, synthesis, communication, and reporting.

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