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SEL Changes Lives

By March 25, 2021May 16th, 2024No Comments

SEL changes lives: when schools, families, and communities promote social and emotional learning (SEL), children and youth do better academically and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

At Tickit Health, this is why we are proud to work with our partners to support teachers and counsellors in identifying youth that could benefit from help in exhibiting positive mindsets and behaviours.

Studies show that SEL provides many benefits to students—from improved social-emotional skills, well-being and behavior to improved academic outcomes—and these results are long-term and global, with proven positive impact up to 18 years later on academics, conduct problems, emotional distress, and drug use.

SEL competencies are also critically important for long-term success in today’s economy.

Educators across the country are talking about how much their students are in need of building life-long social and emotional skills, regulating their behaviors, and having concrete strategies for coping with stress. Teachers and administrators now understand that students need these skills to cope in a time of crisis. When students can resolve conflicts or manage their own emotions more effectively, they are less likely to be disruptive and are more able to focus on schoolwork, even during a time of upheaval such as this year.

As schools plan to address the emotional impact the Pandemic has had on students and their return to full-time or part-time in-person learning, it is imperative they both know which students are in greatest need, and to be armed with the social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and mental health tools and resources to support them in order to enable an effective academic recovery.