Better engagement.
Better data.

There’s a better way. Tickit’s unique Digital Empathy platform screens, triages, and produces analytics for individual and population-wide reporting.


Tickit is a good way to ask those difficult questions. It’s non-judgemental… when you are talking to young people about drugs and sex.

- YCH Staff

The tools Tickit Health creates arm us with high-fidelity data well before we sit down with youth for brief interventions.

- Evan Elkin, Executive Director, Reclaiming Futures

The power of Digital Empathy™ revealed an entirely new understanding of patient needs and level of satisfaction with the clinic’s services.

- Manager of Patient Experience, Cleveland Clinic Canada

Powered by Digital Empathy™


increase in engagement, improving data quality and staff efficiency.


improvement in detection of risk factors not already known about.


decrease in administrative costs compared to previous surveys.

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