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The Power of Digital Empathy™

By April 12, 2021March 15th, 2022No Comments

How Tickit Health Uses Communication Science to Collect Better Health Data
Most of us, at some point in our lives, have had to fill out a healthcare survey, often handed to us as a stack of papers on a clipboard. Sometimes these surveys ask about sensitive information, like our experiences with anxiety or abuse, yet they all look the same. In this interview, Eric Gombrich, the Chief Revenue Officer of Tickit Health, and Logan Plaster  discuss the science of communication, from word choice to question order to fonts and colors, to improve how we gather health data. In the interview, Gombrich shares how they’re applying these methods to improving mental health services for teens, and how their smarter surveying methods are becoming a backbone for school-based health clinics.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Empathy with Eric Gombrich 
For healthcare professionals to deliver the best care possible, it is more important than ever for care teams to capture meaningful, complete, and accurate data. Eric Gombrich been valiantly leading the charge to ensure Digital Empathy is at the forefront of critical communication gaps in the healthcare industry.

In this podcast, Eric Gombrich and Mike Biselli discuss Eric’s storied journey in moving healthcare technology innovation forward, how and why his organization came to be, and the inspiring results his company’s technology delivers. Additionally, Eric shares the significant need for his technology to aid in the well-being of adolescent students because of the pandemic and how you and your network can get involved in the Tickit Health mission.

Listen in to learn about the power of Digital Empathy and its positive and needed impact in our communities.

Rethinking Data Collection: The Power of Digital Empathy 
Lastly, on The Vurge, Eric discusses the history of customer-reported data and some of the challenges that organizations face when using traditional data collection tools. Join Eric Gombrich and Steve Weichhand as they discuss the concept of Digital Empathy and why it’s important in the context of collecting information.