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Empathy HIT Podcast with Michelle Westin, Black Creek

By July 6, 2021March 15th, 2022No Comments

Empathy HIT with Dr. Sandy Whitehouse

Empathy HIT Podcast: Digital Empathy™ screeners for Healthcare

Listen in to insightful conversations as this podcast explores Digital Empathy™ in healthcare. On the show, host Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, CMO and CEO of Tickit Health, chats with providers, partners and industry leaders on topics ranging from patient experience to social determinants of health to rethinking how we collect information critical to improving health outcomes.

Host Dr. Whitehouse is joined by Michelle Westin, senior analyst with Black Creek Community Health Center. They discuss the importance of building stronger communities through the delivery of comprehensive health services and programs that enhance community health and well-being. More information about Black Creek can be found at:

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