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Dr. Sandy Whitehouse on How Digital Empathy™ is Transforming Children’s Health

By November 4, 2021March 15th, 2022No Comments

Digital Empathy podcast


In this podcast episode, as part of StartUp Health’s Health Moonshot series, Dr. Sandy Whitehouse dives into the world of children’s health with hosts Logan Plaster and India Edwards. Dr. Whitehouse, CEO, Co-founder, and Chief Medical Officer of Tickit Health discusses the Tickit platform and the benefits of Digital Empathy when working with children and youth. Digital Empathy facilitates the data collection process by making surveys, assessments, screeners, and other management tools engaging, inclusive, and accessible for a variety of populations. Digital Empathy personalizes the data collection process, making a typical survey feel like a welcoming conversation that gives back with tips, resources, and support for additional help. Tickit works with educational, clinical, and youth service experts around the world to capture personal information from individuals to address the rise of stress, bullying, substance use, and other risky behaviors in youth.
To learn more about the benefits of Digital Empathy, click here, or to view Tickit’s Library of Tools, click here.
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