Beyond One-Size-Fits-All

Digital Empathy™ applies the principles of empathy – compassion, cognition, and emotion – to user experience to improve results and efficiency.

Using a personalized approach to collecting information to improve outcomes, Digital Empathy transforms the data collection process using surveys, assessments, and screeners to prioritize the needs of different populations.

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Why is Digital Empathy important?

Organizations depend on accurate, comprehensive and actionable data to perform. Digital Empathy improves the breadth and quality of data by transforming transactional relationships into deeper ongoing trusting relationships.

Whereas generic data collection approaches focus on the needs of the data collector, Digital Empathy prioritizes:

  • People being engaged
  • People that use the data
  • People that make strategic decisions

Challenges with the Current System

Generic Data Collection Challenges

A one-size-fits-all approach often results in low uptake and poor quality data.

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Data Quality
Especially when collecting specific data.

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Stigmatizing Information
Delicate topics like sexual health, drugs and alcohol, or mental health.

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Low Literacy Levels
Resulting in poor understanding of information requested.

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Language Barriers
Socio-cultural language barriers, heavy use of jargon.

Accessibility Icon

For cognitive, physical, or other disabilities.

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Particularly with hard-to-reach populations.

Principles of Digital Empathy

Digital Empathy screeners, surveys, and assessments go above and beyond generic survey platforms. There are four principles of Digital Empathy: Engage, Entrust, Encourage, and Empower. Through frictionless, satisfying, effective design that balances efficacy with efficiency, each design element with Tickit contributes to a Digitally Empathetic experience for beneficiaries.

Digitally Empathetic design helps people feel safe and comfortable enough to share honest and reliable information, resulting in higher fidelity data for the organization.

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The Return on Investment

The Benefits of Digital Empathy

Tickit’s inclusive digital solutions help improve data quality, response completion rates, efficiency, and satisfaction while decreasing risks of missing information through surveys, assessments, and educational tools. Here are some benefits and returns reported by our clients from using Digital Empathy:

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Higher Response Rates


improvement in detection of risk factors not previously known.*
*King County

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Validated, Evidence-Based, and Custom Tools

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