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A Thriving World Where
Each Person is Heard

Tickit Health was born from critical communication gaps in healthcare and has evolved to deliver on the principles of Digital Empathy to all people. Through Digital Empathy, providers can break down communication barriers and enable equitable access to upstream care.

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Our Mission

Positively impact more than
1 million lives by 2030

Tickit® is an award-winning digital health platform with 10 years of experience designing multilingual, low-literacy, accessible communication tools that can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations.

Our mission is to revolutionize mental health care with an easy-to-use screening platform that makes communication empathetic and upstream care easy.

Why Screening?

Tickit was started as a passion project to create safe spaces for people to share sensitive information that can have an impact on their care.

Dr. Sandy Whitehouse

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Tickit Health Leadership & Governance

Tickit Health is a fast-paced, innovative, and collaborative team bringing Digital Empathy into everything we do. Whether that means leveraging our expertise to design culturally adaptable surveys, assessments, and screeners for diverse populations or partnering with organizations to solve complex workflow challenges, we’re experts in empathetic person-reported data collection.

The populations we serve are also reflected in our team, and we love learning from each other’s different cultural backgrounds both on a personal level and for the strength of our product.

Daniel Penn

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Sandy Whitehouse

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Ellen Louie

Client Success Lead

Dave Wattling

Board Chair, CMC, ICD.D

Dr. Sandy Whitehouse

Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Ian Penn


Heather Barnhouse


Bob Wiens


Partner Spotlight

Collaborative partnerships based on shared values

Our strategic partnerships capitalize on our respective strengths to support good mental and physical health for children and adults.

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Backed by a team of in-house experts.

Tickit empowers organizations to better serve their populations with Digitally Empathetic tools to capture information.

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