A Case Study: Using Tickit® to Improve CG-CAHPS* data collection


Hearing the Patient Voice Efficiently and Effectively

The patient voice is at the centre of quality and continuous improvement work. The current methods of data collection usingpaper-based tools are cumbersome, wasteful of monetary and human resources , slow, and not engaging.


The Case Study

Presented the CG-CAHPS' questions on Shift Health's Tickit platform to directly collect and assess their patients' perceived access to care at the primary care clinic. Data included getting: Timely appointments for urgent and routine care, answers to questions during and after office hours, and wait times.

The goal was to exceed 4% relative improvement over baseline score for 2015.



CG-CAHPS survey completed via Tickit a tablet web-based tool at point of care

Jan 30, 2015: Access composite baseline was calculated and submitted

Jan 29, 2016: Re-measurement was submitted

"The TickiT® responses helped us to ensure that our efforts aligned with actual priorities of our patients."
Silver Avenue Healing Project


With Tickit, Silver Avenue reached its goals:

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  • Achieved 5.3% improvement over (RI=(39-35.6)/(100-35.6)) baseline score in Getting Timely Appointments, Care and information.
  • Increased patient engagement and responsive ability for clinic continuous improvement based on survey results
  • Incentive payment of $2,667 which has never been claimed before

Value Tickit Offers

Low Literacy and Languages

Simple language & graphics make complex medical terms easy to understand, and make our platform customizable for diverse patient populations.

Improve Data Quality While Reducing Cost

Tickit ® transforms patient-entered responses into actionable data, allowing for quality improvement through shared decision making and data analytics.

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This project was in partnership with the Silver Avenue Family Health Center and the San Francisco Health Network.

* Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

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Silver Avenue Family Health Center and Healing Project

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