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2024 E-Health Conference

Welcome to the Tickit Health E-Health Conference webpage. On this page, you will find information about the impacts of integrating behavioural health screening tools into Emergency Department EMRs.

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The value of Tickit’s digital tool


Integrating digital empathy into screening tools offers valuable advantages for emergency departments. With a 200% boost in data collection efficiency and fewer data gaps, medical teams can gather essential information quickly, expediting triage processes. The increased honesty and satisfaction from youth respondents lead to more precise assessments, aiding emergency responders in delivering timely and personalized care.

US, Canada, and Australia
Over 300,000 submissions
Integration in EPIC, CERNER, and MEDITECH

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Integrating empathetic, data-enhancing screening in a Pediatric ER to enhance care quality, workflow, and outcomes.

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Info Sheet

Learn more about HEADSS.

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Tickit Solutions Education

Tickit screeners

A safe digital space for young people to share important information about themselves and receive personalized resources.

  • Trauma-Informed
  • Evidence Based
  • Available in 35+ languages
  • Culturally Relevant
  • Safe & Secure (HIPPA and/or FERPA Compliant)

Integrating e-HEADDS with EMRs

An eHealth NSW Security Assurance Framework (PSAF) assessment was conducted to support the integration of the Tickit Health e-HEEADSSS assessment with the EMR systems at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.

  • Offers easy set-up
  • Helps facilitate interventions and referrals
  • Ensures compliance with safety protocols
  • Informs future wellness responses with 
easy-to-use analytics.
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More about e-HEADSS

The e-HEEADSSS is a digital self-report psychosocial assessment that can be utilised with young people in health settings. The e-HEEADSSS identifies strengths and risks relevant to Home, Education and Employment, Eating and Exercise, Activities, Drugs and Alcohol, Sexuality and Gender, Suicide, Depression and Self-harm, and Safety. Our pilot research at SCHN shows that the e-HEEADSSS is faster and more sensitive alternative to the traditional clinician-led HEEADDSSS interview.

Sydney Children's Hospital Network


The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network uses the “e-HEADSS” screening tool, which includes validated measures, together with protective factor topics and built-in feedback.


SB-SBIRT Playbook

The success of this initiative led to the development of SB-SBIRT Playbook that contains a collection of actions and considerations called “Plays” to assist a school district or school with implementing the SB-SBIRT model. 

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