“The tools Tickit created invite curiosity and arm us with high-fidelity data well before we sit down with youth for brief interventions.”

Evan Elkin
Executive Director, Reclaiming Futures

“There are a lot of kids who need help and they don’t verbalize it. This platform allows them a chance to talk and to share their voice.”

Audrey E. Smith
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Family Medical Center of Michigan

“We partnered with Tickit Health because their SEL assessments go above and beyond. Digital Empathy helps schools and districts make accurate, informed decisions for their students’ mental health and wellbeing.”

Pam McNall
Founder, Respectful Ways trauma-informed SEL Programming

“Tickit’s tool gives us evidence we are making a difference and that bolsters our team in terms of morale and being energetic about work.”

Vincent Ng
Director, Data & Innovation
Director, Manulife Specialty Drug Care Program

“Tickit Health’s Digital Empathy approach encourages youth to be more honest, allowing professionals to identify those in greatest need.”

Dr. Jennifer Salerno
Possibilities for Change

Powered by Digital Empathy

Tickit’s inclusive digital solutions support caring organizations in capturing data directly from people through surveys, assessments, and educational tools.


Increase in response rates with Tickit


Completion rate among hard-to-reach populations


Feel more comfortable sharing with Tickit

Improve Your Organizational Performance

Tickit’s Digitally Empathetic Design

All of our scholars told us that they felt heard, they had a sense of belonging, they felt that the school cared about them, and really appreciated the screener.

- Rev. Jimmie James

The beautiful part about Tickit is that students are using the tool in real time, and counsellors see the results at the backend, making triage really efficient.

- Margaret Soukup
School-Based SBIRT Program Manager, King County, WA

I like the confidentiality and efficiency. I feel comfortable getting the needed knowledge out [so they] can understand me better.

- Patient, Canada

Our survey completion rates increased 400%

- Clinic Manager

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October 7th

Empathy HIT

On this podcast, Vincent Ng discusses how Bayshore HealthCare, one of Canada's leading providers of home and community health care services saw a 300% increase in patient usage as well as greater engagement from patients using Digital Empathy. Digital Empathy revealed a new understanding of patient needs and level of satisfaction with Bayshore’s services, further supporting their patient-centred focus.


October 20th

The Convergence of Healthcare and Education

Join Dr. Sandy Whitehouse, Dr. Jennifer Salerno, Cindy Clarke, and Niki Legge for a webinar on implementing solutions to raise awareness, treat, and prevent anxiety, depression, and suicide rates among youth. Learn about how Digital Empathy captures comprehensive, good quality data, particularly from young people.


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